UX Designfrom end to end

Leading the way through the woods by designing frictionless experiences that help companies and their users.

Hi, I'm Margo.

I like to solve problems.

Specifically, I help businesses drive their digital products forward with killer UX design, using a keen eye for strategy, user-centered design methodologies, and visual design chops to build beautiful end-to-end experiences. Currently working as a product designer at Cascade Energy, I spend my free time running, backpacking, and sipping coffee in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Featured Work

Foureyes Prospect List

(Password required) I led an end-to-end feature design/update project for Foureyes (a SaaS application), incorporating research, testing, and KPI tracking along the way.

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Foureyes 2020

(Password required) In 2018, I led UX strategy and design for Foureyes2020, a new Foureyes product for the automotive industry designed to intelligently message and guide prospective car buyers.

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Papé Multisite Redesign

(Password required) From 2017-2018, I lead UX and UI strategy and design for Papé’s set of seven websites. I worked with the client and our agency's marketing and development teams to create a unified, multi-site strategy, working from initial planning to high-fidelity design, improving usability and updating design along the way

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