Currently in: Portland, OR
Skills: Web Design, Graphic & Publication Design, Front-end Web Development, Custom WordPress CMS Development, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Photography
Favorite photographer: Sally Mann
Favorite book: Lolita
Likes: Clean design, clean code, data visualization, thinking way too much about typography, bad puns, and pickles.

I’m a designer, front-end web developer, photographer, and generally happy individual living¬†in Portland, Oregon. Like approximately 50% of Portlanders, I’m a Midwest transplant (via Columbus, Ohio) still marveling at the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. I delight in creating things that are both beautiful and functional, and try for clarity and simplicity in both my designs and my code.

I’ve been coding websites and trying my best to make things functional and pretty since I was a kid first discovering HTML and Photoshop. I’ve applied those skills both personally and professionally ever since — most recently in the nonprofit world. I have a B.A. in International Affairs, which I currently put to use by nerding out about economic statistics, drooling over data visualizations, and getting out of the country whenever possible.

I like being outdoors and have a bit of a love-hate relationship with my computer screen; Portland is beautiful and I like to run, bike, hike, bike-camp, regular camp, jump in rivers, and look at/be on mountains. When I’m not at a desk, you can most likely find me at a show, taking photos, buried in a book, or out on an adventure.

Want to collaborate? Drop me a line.