What: Butterfly Specialist Group Website
How: Web Design, Wordpress CMS Development, Logo Design, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Chart.js
Made for: IUCN Butterfly Specialist Group
Tags: , ,
Made in: 2015


The IUCN Butterfly Specialist Group didn’t have a website, making it pretty difficult for interested people to find out about their important work! They had an older logo and many resources, but they weren’t easily accessible to the public.


I updated the group’s existing logo by refining the butterfly and modernizing the typography, and created basic branding to go along with it. Then, I developed a clean, simple, responsive website made to be able to evolve as the group’s needs change. The group’s reports and content are displayed in a clear manner that makes it easy for anyone to find them. For the group’s recent Needs Survey report, I pulled out the primary statistics and built a page with Chart.js charts and simple icons to put the survey’s results front and center in a visually appealing configuration.

The site provides a place for people to access the BSG’s resources, find out more about butterflies, get in touch with the group, and learn about upcoming events. All these features are accessible for editing via a customized WordPress backend that makes it easy for novice users to update content, as it is likely that future site managers will not be proficient in code.

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