What: Xerces Society Guides
How: Publication Design, Graphic Design, Adobe InDesign
Made for: The Xerces Society
Tags: , ,
Made in: 2014


In 2014, The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation (a nonprofit conservation organization) wanted to develop a new kind of publication that would be smaller and more accessible to the general public than their larger and longer scientific reports. In 2014 and 2015, I created a new layout and designed two of these “Xerces Society guides”: How to Help Your Community Create an Effective Mosquito Management Plan and Milkweeds and Monarchs in the Western U.S.


I created a 6×9″ layout with a lower page count, so that the guides would be compact and easy to slide into a purse or backpack. Design elements were created to be friendly to both online/screen viewing and at-home printing. In contrast to the Xerces Society reports, the guides use only sans serif typefaces to achieve greater readability and a less formal feel. My design employs an expanded color palette to increase the guides’ visual appeal. Still, the design elements throughout are simple and clear to reinforce the Xerces Society’s scientific/conservation authority.

Note: all content and images came from Xerces Society staff and the credited photographers; additional editing by Xerces Society staff.

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